Skyway makeover update

Skyway Park green roof shelter
Skyway Park green roof shelter

Earlier this year, King County Parks and the University of Washington’s Department of Landscape Architecture Design/Build Program partnered to build a new picnic shelter and plaza area at Skyway Park. The shelter features a green roof, but we had to wait for fall rains to install the plant trays. This week, King County Parks placed the plant trays on the roof, completing the project!

A green roof refers to a building with vegetation placed on all or part of it – a sort of living rooftop. This environmentally-friendly building practice contributes to alleviating air and water pollution, provides green spaces for wildlife, and helps combat the heat island effect that happens in cities or spaces with a lot of asphalt, concrete, or ‘built’ environments. Although small, the green roof on Skyway Park’s picnic shelter is a great opportunity to showcase this type of green building method. Check out our Flickr account for more photos.

Once again, huge thanks to the UW students whose hard work and creativity brought this space (literally) to life!

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  1. Patrick says:

    Good work guys…makes me proud!

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