My, has it been 35 years already?

Tolt's Grand Opening in 1976 - can you spot the lamb chops?

Back in the heyday of bell bottoms was born a quiet park along a big river in sleepy Carnation. Although much has changed in the world around us since the park opened as part of the nation’s bicentennial celebrations in 1976, the story behind the creation of Tolt-MacDonald Park continues to inspire us today.

The development of the park became the passion of one Mr. John MacDonald, an avid Boy Scout dad with a big vision for the future of the land at the confluence of the Snoqualmie and Tolt Rivers. Armed with lots of determination and the support of King County, Mr. MacDonald enlisted the help of the US Army Reserve 409th Engineering Company and the Chief Seattle Council of the Boy Scouts.

After several years of planning, Mr. MacDonald rallied the US Army Reserve, which built the suspension footbridge across the Snoqualmie River, while some 20,000 scouts, scout families, and community volunteers created campsites, fire pits, lookouts points, and walking paths. Even our very own King County Executive volunteered with his scout troop there!

As we’ve been doing lots of work recently in the park (see yurts, floodplain restoration, mountain bike trails), we thought it was about darn tootin’ time for a celebration.

Join King County Executive Dow Constantine, King County Parks, the US Army Reserve, and the Boy Scouts of America Chief Seattle Council for the 35th Anniversary Celebration and Rededication.

When: Sunday, June 26, 2 p.m.
Where: Tolt MacDonald Park – Bridge Shelter
Who: King County and City of Carnation Dignitaries, The John MacDonald Family, US Army Reserve, Boy Scouts and other special guests

Come on down, celebrate the history of the park, take a nature tour, and bring your mountain bikes to hit the trails afterwards. See you at the park!

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