Weekend Alert: Duthie Hill Trail Closures

After a long and widely praised summer dry spell, the rain is forecast to return over the weekend to remind us that we do live in the Pacific Northwest after all. For most of us the return of the rain isn’t such a big deal, but if you’re planning to do some mountain bike riding – take notice. As early as Friday, trails at Duthie Hill will temporarily be closed through the weekend as a necessary precaution for preserving the durability of the trails. The popular trails will need the break from riders in order to soak up and retain the extra moisture. Long dry spell + heavy rain + heavy traffic = a big mess.

Making this small sacrifice to help us get through the first heavy rain of the season will help the trails stay in their  best shape for the long-term. Thank  you for your cooperation! For more info and updates on the status of the closures, check the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance page.

Duthie Hill Stop Sign

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