Playground Project Updates

Cottage Lake Playground 11-30-2015 (2)
New playground equipment at Cottage Lake.

Five Mile Lake: Playground equipment installation started two weeks ago but is now on hold. The poor soil conditions cannot support the new equipment footings. We have decided to switch to surface mounted equipment (i.e. the equipment will be attached to concrete rather than supported by underground footings); however, that requires additional hardware be manufactured and shipped to us. While we are waiting for the additional hardware to arrive, we will pour the concrete subsurface that is required to surface mount the equipment and for the rubber safety tile. Therefore, the new estimated completion date for this playground is late February – depending on weather.

Cottage Lake Park: The equipment installation is mostly complete! We just have to wait for a 5-day stretch of good weather with minimal rainfall and above freezing temperatures to install the rubber tile. We are hopeful this will happen in December and that we can reopen in early January.


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