Trail Alert: Burke-Gilman

Beginning Feb. 23, there will be trail repair work along the Burke-Gilman Regional Trail in the vicinity of the Kenmore and Bothell city limits. Trail users will be routed onto a short detour along NE 175th St., adjacent to the Blue Trees art landmark at Swamp Creek, while repair work takes place at the Swamp Creek Bridge along the trail.

Also, approximately an 1/8th of a mile east at 84th Ave NE, there will be 185 lineal feet of slump repair work taking place. Trail users will be asked to dismount and walk this stretch along the trail adjacent to and for the length of the construction area.

Work being completed:

Bridge Transition

  • Removal of 3’-4’ of existing bad asphalt where spalling and settlement of asphalt is taking place at west end of bridge
  • Repair of subgrade and compaction
  • Placement of new asphalt for a new smooth transition from the asphalt to the bridge.

 Slump Repair

  • Removal of 185 lineal feet of asphalt across whole trail width
  • Subgrade repair and compaction of crushed stone to bring severely slumping trail up to a level surface
  • Placement of new asphalt

Work to be completed in two (2) phases in order to keep ½ the width of the trail open for users

Given the favorable weather forecast next week, the work at these two areas will be taking place over four consecutive days between Tuesday, Feb. 23 and Friday, Feb. 26.

If there are any questions related to this work, please contact Chris Erickson, King County Parks Project Manager at, (206) 477-4564 or via email.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation during this important repair work.

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