It’s more than just a free concert: An inside look at the superhuman Marymoor recycling team

Volunteers using their composting superpowers

Here’s one of Parks’ best kept secrets: the Marymoor Concert Recycling Crew. Each year, Marymoor Park hosts a variety of slightly over-priced but super entertaining concerts at an amazing venue. For almost 10 years, a small group of devoted individuals have been volunteering their time to sort through the copious amount of recycle and compost bins in an attempt to reduce the carbon footprint of the 3 million people who visit the park annually. Here’s the kicker: if you volunteer for half the concert, you get to attend the other half free-of-charge. What’s inspiring is that for most volunteers, this program is about so much more than just a free concert, it’s about promoting a sustainable green world.


Jamie, a veteran Marymoor recycler and Parks employee gave me the inside scoop on this unique program. She has been involved with the program since 2009 and is incredibly passionate about it. “This program gives me the opportunity to put my passion to good use”. She explained that composting is “not always easy, but it is necessary” as it helps the earth in a variety of ways. Unfortunately, there is a lack of education on the subject. Jamie recalls some major recycling and composting faux pas: cigarette butts in the recycling and plastic diapers in the compost. It’s difficult because the rules and regulations on composting are constantly changing and vary greatly depending on the location. She sees the program as an interactive way to educate the public on current recycling and composting practices. She doesn’t mind if the main motive is a free concert as it allows for education. “Some people do volunteer for the free concert, and that’s okay, this provides us the opportunity to also share some valuable information with them too”.

HUGE thank you to all of the superb people who volunteer their time to keep Marymoor healthy.

Join Jamie and the rest of the team this summer! Marymoor Concerts has already released some of the 2016 summer lineup and has more to come! Click here for more information on how to get involved in the Marymoor Concert Recycling Crew.


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