2016 Bike Everywhere Day: Photobombing Bunnies & Swag Lust

Crack of dawn people. That’s how much we love you. Our celebration station runneth over. You came to us in your lycra, sweet shades, capes (yes). Thirsty, uncaffeinated, hungry. We gave you shelter, and patch kits, maps and some sort of “saddle wax.”

Parks’ Street Team* is still bleary eyed, but we’re grateful to meet everyone who stopped in to say hi, enter our concert ticket giveaway, receiveth our swag, partake in pastries and chat with us about their rides. Hope everyone’s ride home is dry and the wind at your back.

See you next year. Psyche! WE’RE ALWAYS ON THE TRAILS! Like magical trail gnomes. You don’t always see us, but we’re there. Building. Maintaining. Cobbling…wait.

Thanks for all your love and support.

More photos over here

*  There is no “Street Team”. Just dedicated Parks employees. We do sometimes pretend to be a parks-themed gang from the film The Warriors. Can you dig it? Can yooouuuuuu diiiiiig it?

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