Bike Everywhere Month – Spring Clean!

What is this glowing orb in the sky? Does this mean that this dreadful winter is finally over? Why, then, let’s get our bikes out of the garage and hit the pavement for Bike Everywhere Month! If you’re of a like mind, here’s a few things that you can do to make sure your ride is ready to roll.

  1. Take a look at your tires – check out the sidewalls, the tread, and tire pressure. Make sure your tires are road worthy and safe.
  2. Check your brakes – make sure your brake pads are not worn, remove all slack by either using the quick adjust screws, or reset the cable and pull out the slack.
  3. Look at the chain – is it rusted, bent, covered in grease? Keep it clean, lightly oiled, and replace if it is bent or worn.
  4. Spin those wheels – are they bent? Do they wobble? Any loose spokes? If so, don’t attempt to true your wheels yourself unless you’re confident in the process, better to take them to be inspected at your local bike shop.
  5. Inspect the gears and derailleurs – look for worn teeth, junked up wheels on the derailleurs, and make sure everything turns and shifts smoothly.
  6. Clean and lubricate Рgive everything a good wipe down and make sure that all cables are well-oiled and clean.

Don’t feel like doing this yourself, or have some parts that need replacing? Visit your local bike shop and give them some love. Happy Bike Everywhere Month! Get out there and enjoy #YourBigBackyard!


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