Celebrating 10 years: 10 reasons we love White Center Heights Park

Throwback to the glory days of Buy U A Drank, Juicy Couture tracksuits, Paris Hilton and MySpace. Many remember 2007 with a certain fondness, including us here at King County Parks.

For us, 2007 marks the year of the Starbucks’ Ultimate Park Makeover at White Center Heights Park. Starbucks issued us an unprecedented challenge (that came with some generous funds from the local coffee company): could we transform an underutilized, overgrown, lonely park into a vibrant community gathering space in 5 days? (Spoiler alert: the answer is YES!)

Through the hard work of Starbucks employees, community groups, local residents and plenty of other volunteers, White Center Heights Park came alive in 2007, and 10 years later, “the Starbucks Park” continues to be home to picnics, a p-patch, and pick-up games, a few of the many things people love about this park.

Want to visit? Check out the park on ParkFinder or sign up for our volunteer e-newsletter to learn about upcoming volunteer opportunities at White Center Heights Park (and beyond).

Here are 10 reasons we love White Center Heights Park:

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