Habitat Restoration at Porter Levee Natural Area

King County’s Water and Land Division is conducting a habitat restoration project along the Green River in KC Parks’ Porter Levee Natural Area. porter levee map final (002)

Crews removed a significant portion of a levee  along this natural area, allowing the Green River to meander in a more natural and dynamic pattern across the historic floodplain which will significantly enhance salmon habitat.

In addition, King County is constructing a backwater channel to promote aquatic habitat, and installing snags beneficial to birds and small mammals. Log jams placed in the floodplain were designed to engage the river at high flows, and serve as shelter for small mammals, amphibians, and reptiles.

Along with fish and wildlife benefits, this project will help protect an adjacent road and businesses from flooding, as well as improve drainage for a local farm.

construction shot- removing the levee

This project was funded through state grants (Floodplains By Design, Salmon Recovery Funding Board, Puget Sound Acquisition and Restoration), the King County Flood Control District and King County Surface Water Management fees.

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