Your Big Backyard is covered with these!

They cross the county, from west to east and north to south. They follow lakes and hills. Nearly anywhere an old railroad once crawled, you can find them – trails! By foot or bike, skate or shoe, here in King County, you can travel over 300 miles on separated trails, dedicated to non-motorized transport.

That trail by your home? It is part of a growing, interconnected network. Not only good for walking and talking, these trails are used by many people to commute to work, to get to school, to shop, or simply to play. Want to learn more about this valued community asset? Check out our new trails video!

We here at King County Parks are continually planning, designing, and building this network, along with partners from all over the region. We’re hard at work on these trails, so you can play!

Learn more about current trail projects and upcoming plans at on our website, where you can sign up for updates about specific trail projects.

Now get onto a trail and explore Your Big Backyard!

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