#OptOutside at the Marymoor Dog Park

Every Friday for the next three weeks we will be providing ideas for how YOU can  #OptOutside in King County. Instead of rushing for the deal and bargains on Black Friday, go enjoy the beauty of the PNW! Opting Outside doesn’t necessarily mean you have to summit Rainier or hike the Enchantments – there are options right here in Your Big Backyard!

#OptOutside Idea # 1: Head over to the Marymoor Dog Park to for a casual stroll and some doggo spotting. 

An off-leash dog park is a place for people to enjoy the company of their dogs off-leash.  Marymoor is an example of a model dog park.  Covering 40 acres, Marymoor Dog Park includes fields, woods and a river, with well maintained access beaches, paths, walkways and bridges.  Over six miles of looping trails offer a variety of dog walking opportunities.  Five river access points are available for dogs that like to swim and water retrieve.  Acres of natural fields are available for dog romping, fetching and exploring.

Shout out to our amazing partner S.O.D.A. (Serve Our Dog Areas), for their stewardship!!


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