Stick to those New Year’s Resolutions and Get Outside in King County Parks

We all make them- those grand New Year’s resolutions that are so hard to stick to. Here are some reasonable and attainable resolution to get you motivated. We’re lucky to live in King County where nature is surrounding us so get outside and enjoy our parks and trails close to home.

Here are three King County Parks inspired resolutions:

Visit one new King County Park each month.

Bicycle playground at Dick Thurnau Park

With over 200 parks there’s a lot to choose from! A lot of people don’t realize the wide variety of parks we have here in King County. From local community parks to expansive natural areas there’s something for everyone. Here’s a complete list of all of our parks

Walk, bike or run at least 10 miles of KCP Regional Trails each month.

Cedar River Trail 

We currently have more than 300 miles of regional trails in King County. That’s a lot! Whether you’re North, South, East or West, there is a trail for you to try out. Here’s a list of our popular regional trails

Hike at least 10 miles of KCP Backcountry Trails each month.

View from Margaret’s Way hike on Cougar/Squak Corridor Park

Complete two 5- mile hikes a month and you’re golden! That’s not even that much! Here’s a list of our backcountry trails.

Share your experiences on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and make sure to tag us. Happy 2018! Let’s make some changes this year.


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