Pro-tips for the Holidays

The King County Parks team would like to wish everyone a great holiday season. To help make sure the next week is a blast for you (and all the guests in your house) here are our Pro-Tips for the holidays in your Big Back Yard.

Have a pup and hosting a party?

Pro-tip: A tired pup is the best party host. So make sure your pup is ready to sleep on your guests feet by taking them to the doggy ‘Disneyland’ that is Marymoor Park’s off leash area – 40 acres of pure dog joy.

Have a crowd of kiddos stopping by for a couple of days?

Introducing a kiddo to a new playground is a great way to get them out of the house during these winter days. Check out one, or three, of our King County Parks playgrounds. Here are just a few:

Need to work off some of those holiday treats? Looking for some quiet time?

Pro-tip: Thirty minutes a day of moderate exercise helps to improve cardio health, decrease stress, and lower blood pressure. There is no better place to grab some exercise and get some quiet time than our paved and backcounty trails. If you aren’t familiar with the regional trails in your area, or you want to expand your knowledge – check out TrailFinder.

Our Big Backyard has lots to offer even in a rainy weekend. Get outside and explore!

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