White Center Teen Program: 25 years of burnt toast, ballin’ and being awesome.

This year, King County Parks’ White Center Teen Program (WCTP), which takes place at the “Log Cabin” (a.k.a. White Center Community Center) at Steve Cox Memorial Park, has been commemorating its silver anniversary (that’s 25 years, for you non-Hallmark card-types!) with lots of reminiscing and festivities and a serious tallying up of some impressive accomplishments….

King County’s CHOMP! 2016 in pictures

King County’s CHOMP! was had by all. Thank you to everyone who participated. We’ll see you next year. Want more CHOMP!tastic photos? Check out our Flickr feed!

Movies @ Marymoor: King County’s GoGreen Night 2016

Was the “GoGreeniest” night, EVER! Costumes. County. Food trucks. Bollywood dancing. Trivia and more County. Department of Natural Resources and Parks was out in force, educating, doling out swag and introducing Marta the River Otter to everyone.

If You See Something…

Say something. Yes, we are appropriating that. The weather has gone all “current elections” on us today, so please let us know if you see any hazards out their in your King County Parks, and do be careful. 

Who’s Down For Some Shinrin-yoku? Forest Bathing, Yo

It’s big in Japan. Wikipedia: In Japan, a forest bathing trip, called Shinrin-yoku (森林浴) in Japanese and Mandarin, Sanlimyok (산림욕) in Korean, is a short, leisurely visit to a forest. We really don’t care if you label it, just get outside. Oh, and you didn’t hear it here, but while you’re out there you’ll probably score some phytoncides. Shhhh Wikipedia: A forest bathing trip…

Day of the Living Trees

What’s better than peanut butter + chocolate? Trees and parks. No park can have too many. Which is one of the reasons Swansons began their Living Tree program. A program for those of us that love parks, and hate knowing our tree has reached the end of the line after the holiday. A program that…