Saving lives one park at a time

The New York Times has stumbled across something. It’s called the outdoors. We are huge fans, as a matter of fact *we maintain a healthy chunk of them, so why not come check them out and live a longer/less angry life in the process. * We’re not doctors we just play them outside.

Random photo post: Tanner Landing

This park has seen a great deal of improvements over the last couple years including native plantings and massive invasive removals. It is soon to be a gathering destination and will provide access for the larger white water rafting community. Maybe you should come check it out before it’s all the rage?

King County Parks Flickr Pool

In case we don’t talk enough about it, we at King County Parks have a Flickr feed, and with that we administer a King County Parks group (this is a pile of KC Parks-themed photos for you non interweb types). We would love for you to contribute, what we assume will be, your most awesome…

Middle Fork + Rain = Whitewater Soon

While most of us are trying to stay dry as the wet season sets in, King County Parks’ partner American Whitewater (AW) is no doubt gearing up for some wet and wild runs on the Middle Fork Snoqualmie River this winter and spring. According to American Whitewater, out here in King County, we’ve got some…