King County Parks – Your Big Backyard! We offer 200 parks, 175 miles of regional trails, 215 miles of backcountry trails, and 28,000 acres of open space, so King County residents can get out and bike, hike, picnic, and play in one of the largest regional parks and trails systems in the country!

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  1. Is Lincoln Park in West Seattle open for taking a walk? I would have to drive there (not far … from Alaska Junction).

  2. When will the Soos Creek Trail be connected to the Cedar River Trail? I have been told that this is a King County project and that it was already paid for by a levy we voted in a few years ago. Can you please give me an update on this project?

    1. While not part of the 2014-2019 Levy, the Covington Highlands trail is a priority for the division. Unlike other trail projects which are built in existing railroad corridor right-of-way, this trail is going to require an alignment study, which we hope to share the results of in Q1 of next year. Once the alignment analysis is completed we can begin the road to acquisition, design, and construction.

  3. Are you able to rent horses for riding, this sounds like the most awesome thing ever! We love our parks! #renton #covington #kent

  4. So happy the East Lake Sammamish Trail is open. One concern is the holes for post on the trail that have no poles. There are several places where the poles had not been put in place. A hazard for cyclists. That was as of last week, hopefully this has been taken care of at this time. Thanks again for a lovely trail!

    1. Afternoon Beth. The holes for guardrails and remaining paving were why the trail was still closed until Thurs of last week. We have since finished pouring and placing rails on the trail proper. Any additional work is not intended to impede trail users or their safety. Enjoy your walk, run, ride out there.

  5. What’s the status of Duthie Hill’s new parking lot? Wasn’t it supposed to open in October of 2014?

    1. Glad you asked. We are scheduled to have the gates opened this Saturday. Shhhh, it’s a soft opening. With 74 stalls there should be plenty of parking.

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