Grand Ridge: Water Tower Loop

Today we officially opened the Water Tower Loop on Grand Ridge. Brought to you by your friendly neighborhood REI, Washington Trails Association, and of course, your King County Parks. WTA has been with Grand Ridge for over a decade! They’ve helped us shape and maintain it, and thanks to generous donations from REI, they added mileage to…

@ Work So You Can Play: Grand Ridge

Prep work underway for a new rock turnpike on the Water Tower Loop Trail at Grand Ridge. Staff are prepping the area for work parties with our peeps the Washington Trails Association (WTA). Want to join in the fun? You can bring your pumpkin spice latte.

Last Grand Ridge Mining History Hike of 2015

This Saturday, Nov. 7 is the last Grand Ridge Mining History Hike of the year. During this three-mile adventure, you will walk in the foot-steps (literally) of the coal miners who worked in the Issaquah mine. Learn about the grueling days they endured right in your backyard. Issaquah History Museum’s Doug Bristol will lead you…

Updates on Grand Ridge Trail

On Friday, King County Parks worked with Mountains to Sound Greenway staff as well as forty volunteers from Ernst and Young on some major updates on the Grand Ridge Coal Mine Interpretive Loop. The loop trail, including the area around the back country kiosk (pictured) was graveled, a rock curb delineating the kiosk area is…

What we got here is yer Mexican Mosquito Fern

The current scene out at Grand Ridge. Azolla mexicana is an aquatic fern native to Mexico, British Columbia and the western United States (California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, and Nevada).