Notes from the field: Day of Caring Wrap-up

Today’s guest plogger is Charlie Wakenshaw from our Volunteer Program Last Friday, Sept 13, was United Way Day of Caring, a day we look forward to all year because it brings members of our community together to lend support for the public lands we all share. In partnership with the United Way of King County,…

‘Merica – Americorps lends KC Parks a hand

Americorps brought their hard work ethic and national pride to the slopes of the Issaquah Highlands. They went all Michael Bay on the Scot’s Broom (don’t bother correcting my grammar – look it up). Anywayyyyy, big shout out to the crew and our new volunteer coordinator for getting rid of pure invasive evil.

Thanks to our summer AmeriCorps volunteers

AmeriCorps volunteers wrapped up a week-long stint of removing Scotch broom at Ring Hill Forest last Friday, and we just wanted to say thanks. With partners like these we keep the invasives at bay. AmeriCorps – heck, yeah!