“We Didn’t Start the Fire…”

One of our beloved parks, Tanner Landing in North Bend, faced the fire this last weekend and won. Thanks to the help of some neighbors, and of course the most awesome Eastside Fire and their volunteers. Here’s what it looks like on a good day.    Here’s what it looked like this weekend.      This…

Microsoft – Intern Day of Caring

Microsoft was kind enough to loan their interns, and they were out in force in King County Parks yesterday. Parksmonkey made it around to document their work at Tanner Landing, Redmond Ridge and along the Burke-Gilman Trail. Enjoy, and for more photos hit up our Flickr feed.  

Random photo post: Three Forks Natural Area and…uh…everything

Believe it or not a healthy chunk of our 26,000 acres is here. This is above Snoqualmie Falls, looking east. Pictured from left to right. Three Forks Natural Area, Tanner Landing, Middle Fork Snoqualmie Natural Area, Tollgate Farm and Boxley Creek. Enjoy.  

Tanner Landing: Snow-pocalypse

A very concerned micro-snowman. Photo provided by a King County Parks’ Ambassador that braved the snow-pocalypse, and lived to share this photo.

Random photo post: Tanner Landing

This park has seen a great deal of improvements over the last couple years including native plantings and massive invasive removals. It is soon to be a gathering destination and will provide access for the larger white water rafting community. Maybe you should come check it out before it’s all the rage?