Field Notes: Marymoor is for the birds

Last week, Marymoor Park staff arrived at the office to find some new neighbors – a nest full of baby junco birds! Suprisingly, these birds’ mama

Baby juncos at Marymoor Park
Baby juncos at Marymoor Park

decided to set up shop near the office…but the babies don’t seem to mind their human neighbors.

Did you know that Marymoor Park is a well-known birding hotspot? Longtime friend of the park, Eastside Audubon, has recorded more than 200 different species of birds at Marymoor Park! With a 300-acre conservation area buffering the more active parts of the park from the lake shoreline, Marymoor Park provides excellent habitat and refuge for a variety of birds. Thanks to the efforts of Eastside Audubon, you can find lots of great birding information in the kiosks along the Audubon Birdloop Trail. Or join the fun and help Eastside Audubon protect and restore the trail and bird habitat in Marymoor Park.

Better still, go on a weekly bird walk in the park and learn how Marymoor is for the birds!

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