Field Notes: Celebrating employee service

Retirement Celebration
Parks Asst Director Tom Koney congratulates Evie Newton while Parks Director Kevin Brown congratulates Steve Chavey

This morning, King County Parks’ hard-working staff put down their tools and took up their forks at the annual Employee Recognition breakfast. In addition to celebrating employees who have worked for King County from 5 to 30 years, we also commemorated Evie Newton and Steve Chavey, two long-time employees who are retiring from KC Parks.

Retiring after 23 years with King County, Evie worked on the South Utility/Trail Crew, where she worked tirelessly to keep trails, such as the Soos Creek Trail and the Green River Trail, clear and safe.  Steve Chavey, retiring after 35 years with King County, worked in the Aquatics program, doing everything from taking care of our pools to promoting water safety.

From all of us here at KC Parks, we heartily thank you Evie and Steve for your excellent service and wish you the best in your retirement!

Congrats to all!

30 Years

  • Hank Bradberry
  • Emy Hiquiana

25 Years

  • Niki McBride
  • Jack Simonson

20 Years

  • WIlson Gulley Jr
  • Machelle Jones
  • Larry Kimble
  • Gary Looney
  • Scott McDonald
  • Doug Miller
  • John Peace
  • Kathleen Rismoen
  • Sharon Roberts
  • Darlene Sellers

15 Years

  • Kristen Chapman
  • Laurie Clinton
  • Dan Perzynski
  • Leonard Tompkins

10 Years

  • Nicole Artino
  • Mel Boupharath
  • Mark Garcia
  • Gary Hecker
  • Kathy Nygard
  • Angie Warner
  • Alexis Tilley

5 Years

  • David Fisk
  • Richard Geringer
  • Patty Jurgens
  • Ingrid Lundin
  • Gernaldine Rainwater
  • Debbie Udycz

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