2010 Movies @ Marymoor lineup

Movies @ Marymoor
Movies @ Marymoor

Austin Powers
Wednesday 7/14  | 7 p.m.

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
Wednesday 7/21 | 7 p.m.

The Blind Side
Wednesday 8/4  | 7 p.m.

The Neverending Story
Wednesday 8/11 | 7 p.m.

Star Trek (2009)
Wednesday 8/18  | 7 p.m.

The Princess Bride
Wednesday 8/25 | 7 p.m.

3 thoughts on “2010 Movies @ Marymoor lineup

  1. Thank you for sharing your concerns with us, Elizabeth. Unfortunately, King County Parks can no longer afford to do Movies@Marymoor on our own, and Epic Events offered to produce the series this year in partnership with us. That $5 entry for preferred seating helps ensure that we can continue to offer this family-friendly activity, and for those who choose the preferred seating, allows them to participate in fun trivia, games, raffles, and other entertainment, and even win great prizes too. Concessions can still be accessed regardless of seating arrangement. Fifteen minutes after the start of the movie, seating is no longer restricted.

    We have a great movie line-up this year and looks like the weather may even cooperate, so we hope that you will consider returning to the Movies@Marymoor.

    Feel free to contact KC Parks directly via http://www.parksfeedback.com with further questions or comments.

    Frana Milan
    King County Parks

  2. I am deeply disappionted in the set up of this years movies at Marymoor. We had read that there wod be a pay seattinv area – little did we know that this meant a large portion of the field would be fenced off and to sit outside of this means you have to sit so far away to see over the fence that it defeats the purpose of the big screen. Also disappointing is all the concession stands and trivia games are aimed at those paying for seats. We have always enjoyed attending the movies at Marymoor and willing gave donations each time, however the new seating policy and the way it is being carried out has made us rethink attending movie night and we will definitely not be donating anymore to the movies at Marymoor. It seems that the new policy means that even though tonight’s movie is the first of the season it will be the last movie we attend.

    Elizabeth Martin

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