Everybody needs somebody to “like”

Everybody needs some body to likeLet’s spread the “like.” We are looking to populate our Facebook page, and you may be looking for free tickets. Let’s keep it simple: You leave a comment* stating your interest in the next Marymoor concert on the “Like Me” post in Facebook, we enter your name into a drawing for one of three pairs of tickets.

Simple enough right? Let’s populate this bad boy.

*To be eligible for the drawing, all comments must be posted by Tuesday, July 6 at 11:59 am. Winners will be notified through Facebook and tickets can be picked up at the Marymoor concert will-call.

2 thoughts on “Everybody needs somebody to “like”

  1. We are a FUN FACTORY, we’re like a Play-Doh Fun Factory – we make it in all shapes and sizes.

    It sounds like Sublime’s encore went until about 9:55, which is just five minutes shy of the curfew we have to maintain during the Concerts at Marymoor to respect the neighbors. Due to that curfew our alcohol vendor starts to shut down somewhere in the neighborhood of 9, or until the booze is gone.

    Apologies Tom if the curfew harshed your evening, but we have to maintain it to be a good neighbor.

  2. I have a hard time to “Like” the concerts at Marymoor based on my experience from last night’s Sublime concert which was cut short. The beer and wine was also closed early. What’s wrong King County? Afraid to let people have a little fun? Please don’t do this for future concerts.

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