Awww shucks: Marymoor gets some e-hugs & Portland is left holding the leash

Marymoor off leash
Marymoor off leash

We know everyone is busy, and when given a free moment the first thing that comes across their mind probably isn’t “Oh I forgot to give my parks some props!” So we are always very appreciative of feedback, good or bad (but mostly good), so we’d like to share some internet love we received and officially tell Portland the ball is in their court.

“I just wanted to let someone know how much we enjoyed visiting Marymoor Park while we were there from Portland, OR for the Mt. Rainier Working Group dog show this past weekend.  We have off leash dog parks in Portland but the one at Marymoor is truly phenomenal!  Our dogs absolutely loved it. For them to safely be able to go into the river and cavort through all that acreage is an experience they just do not get at home. I also walked the Audubon trail and did a lot of walking around the whole park.  What a truly amazing array of things to do and it was so nice to see so many people utilizing all the different areas.”

Get your game face on P-town.

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