Staycations: An awesome side effect of a horrible economy, or how Mary learned to love a yurt

Yurt at Tolt-MacDonald Park
Yurt at Tolt-MacDonald Park

Tolt-MacDonald Park, a bucolic park nestled into the Snoqualmie Valley, is known for many things: fly fishing, softball, baseball, mountain biking, quiet scenic walks, a suspension bridge, eagle scout adventures, RV and tent camping, but one of our more recent attractions is still relatively unknown…the yurts.

Instead of giving you a hard sell I’ll simply quote one of our recent visitors, and this is what Mary had to say:

My family recently rented a yurt at the Tolt MacDonald Park in Carnation.  This was our first yurt experience as well as our first experience at this campground.  We live fairly close by the Carnation area in downtown Bellevue, but just wanted a mini vacation and camping experience.

After this experience I just feel compelled to tell you folks, THANK YOU!  Thank you for maintaining such a beautiful park! The yurt was so wonderfully comfortable, clean, warm and dry that I don’t ever want to tent camp again!!

I have been telling everyone I see about the wonderful camping experience we had here!

With parks becoming more and more underfunded, which I think is a shame, I am just super impressed with how well this place is maintained.  Thank you to all who contribute to this park!!  We expect to be back again next year!

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