Field Notes: AmeriCorps + King County Parks: The beginning of something beautiful

Rachel our Americorps angel
We love you Rachel, but will you take an IOU on the certificate?

Today, King County Parks is saying goodbye to our first AmeriCorps individual placement service volunteer, Rachel Maranto, who has worked with our Volunteer Program for the past 10 months.

Coming to the Pacific Northwest from Indiana to work at EarthCorps then AmeriCorps, Rachel had a strong educational background in natural science and a passion for the outdoors. During her time with King County Parks, she led volunteer events in our natural areas, improving native habitats by removing invasive species and planting native trees and shrubs. She said her service has improved the health and vigor of these natural areas, while at the same time strengthening the communities that use the parks for outdoor recreation and enjoyment.

Rachel organized more than 50 volunteer events that involved some 600 volunteers and was instrumental in the planting, potting and stake cutting of almost 7,000 native trees and shrubs used in habitat restoration projects. She managed the volunteers at the restoration site near the Sammamish Rowing Association’s boathouse, assisted with trail work, removed an impressive amount of invasive weeds, and helped with the planning efforts of Tolt-MacDonald Park’s 35th anniversary celebration.

I know what you’re thinking: Could I be that special person who can step into Rachel’s shoes (or well-used rain boots, as the case may be)? Well, there’s only one way to find out…we’re looking for our next AmeriCorps volunteer! Applications will be accepted until July 30th, so apply today!

Don’t have ten months to give, but still want to help out at one of your favorite parks or trails? We’ve got what you’re looking for – check out our volunteer pages to learn how to plug in and get planting.

As Rachel says, “Volunteering in a park gets community members outside and active, and even more importantly, it brings them together to accomplish a common goal for the common good.”

As always, thank you to all of our volunteers and special big-ups to Rachel! Best of luck in your future career!

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  1. How fortunate for WSC that we partnered with King Co. Parks and that you managed to find such a talented young woman to serve with you! It is this part of my job that I love most! Best of luck to you, Rachel!
    Sue Kitchel

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