Summer is winding down, but there’s still time to catch great concerts at Marymoor Park

Today might be your lucky day. Awesome concerts are happening this week at Marymoor Park and we’re giving away tickets! Just tell us why you love King County Parks and you’ll be entered to win one pair of tickets to a concert this week at Marymoor Park. Easy peasy! Summer is winding down, but you’ve still got a chance to enjoy an outdoor music concert… now that’s how to close-out this summer in style!

Playing Friday: My Morning Jacket

Concert Ticket Giveaway

3 thoughts on “Summer is winding down, but there’s still time to catch great concerts at Marymoor Park

  1. I hope the music is loud tonight. It’d be a shame for all those in attendance that paid for the ticket, paid for the parking (that supplies great revenue for the parks) and fought traffic to be disappointed with the sound bc one person cant handle it for a few hours. Maybe the anonymous person can tell us what time they want to go to bed too, that way we cant stop the whole show and 15k people could leave quietly as not to disturb. ::rolls eyes::

    1. Thank you for your post regarding the concert at Marymoor Wednesday, September 5. I apologize if the show disturbed you. The City of Redmond and King County established guidelines for sound levels. If you feel the sound is past acceptable levels during a future show, please call 911 and report the situation. The City of Redmond has staff on duty during each concert to respond specifically to these calls and determine if the concert sound is exceeding the agreed upon levels, and then communicate directly with King County staff at the park to make immediate corrections.

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