Park’s camping container gets *platinum* status

King County Park’s innovative camping container – upcycled from a surplus cargo container into an overnight camping structure – has gone platinum. The eco-friendly materials used throughout the design have earned the highest rating of platinum on the King County Sustainable Infrastructure Scorecard. It was like a walk in the park (pun intended!) for the container to earn the platinum rating as it was scored by a combined matrix of reduced energy, water management, green materials, best practices in construction management, social benefits and enhanced performance.

Why is this important?

A platinum score positively crushes the container’s compliance with the King County Green Building and Sustainable Development Ordinance that requires the use of green building and sustainable development practices in all county capital projects. It’s also a key factor in achieving King County’s more broad goals including environmental protection, economic development, efficient energy and other natural resource uses, fiscal responsibility, stewardship of resource lands and climate change initiatives to name just a few.

Some of the materials used in the container that helped it achieve platinum status are: soy based spray foam insulation, reclaimed wood siding, low toxic low-VOC paint, refurbished cabinets, efficient LED lighting, a Low E glass door and recycled glass windows.

camping container interior

So go ahead, give our reservation line a call (206-205-5434) and book a night in our camping container at Tolt MacDonald Park. You can rest your head easy on your comfortable pillow knowing full well that the radiant heat keeping your toes warm is in fact energy efficient.

Camping container interior

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