VOTE! Northwest Profile #71: Cougar Mountain Day Hiking Family

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King County Parks is in the running to put Cougar Mountain on the map yet again, but this time it’s a Northwest profile video of the all-too-familiar day hiking family and their good intentioned antics. We like to think that many of us can identify one way or another with these enthusiastic hikers!

Watch the video now and with YOUR VOTE and comments on our contest page, we have the chance to earn prizes that will support King County’s Parks for everyone to enjoy.

Voting ends 10/31, so please go now and vote!

The family that hikes together is one that stays together, especially when they’ve got more modern technology than the Apollo Moon Mission.

Referring to themselves as ‘Team Awesome,’ between fist pumps and high-fives, this all ages, adrenaline-seeking juggernaut is ready to micromanage and macro-prepare for every possible scenario that the wilds of the Issaquah Alps throws their way.

They’ve got backups for their backup gear, first AND second-aid kits, and they can surmount any obstacle in their path – be it falling leaves, a spotty cell phone signal that disables their pinpoint, DOPPLER radar weather APP, or just another human being interfering with their super charged, outdoor adventure.

A passing squirrel, however, is a whole other commercial.

Cougar Mountain Day Hiking Family, you’re one of us.

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