Go on a geocache adventure!

Who knew King County had such great areas. Thanks for bringing us to them!
GeoTour participant at Ring Hill Forest

This reaction of gratitude, among countless others just like it, comes from one of the many explorers that have ventured outside on a personal quest for a special commemorative geocache coin. Folks that are both experienced and new to geocaching have joined the Conservation Futures GeoTour and are tracking coordinates in search of hidden caches that will eventually lead them to this coveted coin. Their quest begins with this passport in hand and a curious excitement to collect 20 unique stamps from caches scattered all throughout King County’s many parks and open space.

Conservation Futures Geotour Commemerative Coin

This sought-after commemorative coin marks a special 30 year milestone for a successful King County program responsible for saving more than 111,000 acres of forests, valleys, parks and shorelines from development. It is the Conservation Futures Tax (CFT) program that has made it possible for King County and other nonprofit groups to protect these irreplaceable lands for future generations to enjoy.

The comments from participants are already flooding in and the common theme is overwhelming; genuine surprise that these amazing places exist in our backyard, which leads to a deeper appreciation for their protection. So, even if you’re a lifetime resident of the Northwest and think you’ve seen it all, the GeoTour will, without a doubt have something new for you to explore.

YES, there’s still time for you to join in on the fun and see some of the great gems of King County!

The Conservation Futures GeoTour is currently underway with a showcase of some of the great lands that have been protected by the CFT program. So far, 20 completed passports have been turned in, which means there are as many as 170 commemorative GeoTour coins still up for grabs.

New to geocache? No problem! We’ve got the scoop on geocaching; a fun outdoor adventure that is friendly to all levels of experience.

Cedar River

You can find a passport stamp somewhere here at the Cedar River Trail.

Taylor Mountain Trail

Find another passport stamp somewhere here at Taylor Mountain Forest.

Here’s more of what people are saying about the Conservation Futures GeoTour.

It is so cool that so many of the old railroad grades are being made into trails.
GeoTour participant at Preston Snoqualmie Trail

As we walked to the cache we heard the very distinct bugle of an elk…sure enough the WHOLE herd was out in great display across the street in the field.  We loved it.
GeoTour participant at Meadowbrook Farm

Thanks for bringing us out here, the bridge is absolutely stunning!!! So worth the walk even when it’s late in the day and you are all exhausted and the kids a bickering!
GeoTour participant at Tokul Creek Trestle

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