New and improved trails coming to Big Finn Hill Park

Under the trees in Big Finn Hill Park
Under the trees in Big Finn Hill Park

Big Finn Hill Park, which is nestled between Saint Edward State Park and O.O.Denny Park in Kirkland, is a versatile place: its 220 acres feature both a ballfield complex and a trails system.  Some 3.5 miles of twisty, looping trails wind through the park’s forest, offering a lovely backcountry experience for hikers and mountain bikers in the heart of the ‘burbs.

Locals have long flocked to this wooded oasis, bringing their dogs for a stroll or cruising on mountain bikes to the adjacent Saint Edward State Park. In summer 2012, King County Parks started gathering public input on ways to enhance and improve Big Finn’s trails network. We’ve got a great advisory group, made up of neighbors and park users, and we’ve been meeting since September 2012.

Some of the major issues we’re tackling include mapping existing trails and planning for new ones, developing signage, and improving access to trails, including a safe crossing at Juanita Drive.  The advisory group will meet throughout this winter; we hope to have recommendations ready in the spring. Stay tuned for improvements coming your way!

Want to check out the park? Grab a Big Finn Hill trails map and get going!

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