Burnt toast never tasted so good!

Burnt Toast Classroom Food Samples

The Burnt Toast cooking class started at the King County Parks White Center Teen Program (WCTP) in 1991 and remains a favorite program among participants and staff to this day. Over 100 teens learned at least one recipe at the Log Cabin in 2012. WCTP staff Brian, Katie, Ramsey, Paula and Frank offered weekly cooking and baking classes as well as supplemental “getting around the kitchen” life skills guidance.


Favorite recipes of 2012 included: citrus chicken, homemade pizza, harvest dinner, and tomato bruschetta (made from tomatoes grown at the Log Cabin). Even though classes have been booming in 2013, a short hiatus is scheduled in February while the Teen Program kitchen undergoes an eagerly awaited face lift complete with new paint and cabinets. Stay tuned for photos of our updated kitchen!

For additional information on the White Center Teen Program, please contact Vana Danh, Jody Addicks, or Darlene Sellers at 206-296-2956.


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