What’s happening now at Steve Cox Memorial Park

There’s always something interesting going on at Steve Cox Memorial Park, the home base for our popular White Center Teen Program. We’ve got a new shelter going in near the playground, a bevy of plantings and a promising vegetable garden for the teens to watch over.  Also, don’t forget about the beautifully improved tennis courts that were rededicated last summer.  So, it looks like this week of shorts-and-sandals weather is the perfect time to stop by the park and check everything out for yourself. Pack a picnic lunch, bring your racquet or just take a nap in the glorious sun.

Steve Cox Memorial Park
Restoration work and new plantings are beautifying the park.
Steve Cox Memorial Park Garden Seed Plantings
These sprouted seedlings will soon be planted in the WC Teen Program’s garden.
White Center Teen Program Staff Tee
The official White Center Teen Program staff t-shirt!
White Center Teen Program art
Colorful artwork made by the teens are cheerfuly on display in the log cabin.

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