Field Notes: You can dance if you want to…

Our Backcountry Trails Crew does a happy dance
Our Backcountry Trails Crew does their happy dance on the newly built bridge

Last month, our Backcountry Trails Crew finished a brand spankin’ new trail bridge in Spring Lake/Lake Desire Park. The 29-foot bridge replaces an old, deteriorating one and connects the park with McGarvey Park Open Space.

Built to US Forest Service standards, the bridge is made from salvaged wood our crew found on site and milled themselves, making this an ultra-local eco-groovy creation.

Where and what is Spring Lake/Lake Desire Park, you ask? This 390-acre forested site, which is located in south King County southeast of Renton near Fairwood, features a bald rocky outcrop, a bog, a fen and some 11 miles of trails popular with hikers and mountain bikers situated around the park’s namesake lakes. Echo Mountain is the 900-foot-tall rocky overlook that provides great views of the two lakes and the Cascade foothills. The park is connected to more than 1,000 acres of public lands you’ve probably never been to, but should get to know…places like Wetland 14 Natural Area, McGarvey Park Open Space, Petrovitsky Park, Peterson Lake Natural Area and Lake Youngs Park, all right there in your big backyard.

And when you reach the bridge, make sure you stop, smell the flowers, and do a little happy dance!

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  1. Nice bridge…the “old” bridge was made three years ago by me and some friends, when the “OLD” bridge collapsed making it difficult for bikers to get across. But I gotta say. The new one looks a hell of a lot better. Glad they stuck with the same basic design. nice job.

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