So close we could almost taste it!

We were so close to the taste of gold or a fuzzy, golden teddy bear to be exact. Thank you to all the families and park users that voted for King County Parks in the annual ParentMap Golden Teddy Awards. It was such a fun surprise to learn that King County Parks was a finalist in not one, but two categories! The Golden Teddy Awards highlight the best family resources in town as voted by the public and ParentMap readers. Basically, there is a growing crowd of people out there that think we rule the universe! We like these people very much. Next year, just you watch – we will be going for the glorious gold!

Category: Family Activities: Hike/ Nature Outing
FINALISTCougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park

Category: Family Activities: Kid-Friendly Bike Trail
FINALISTEast Lake Sammamish Trail

ParentMap Golden Teddy Awards
Check out our awesome FINALIST awards. These are going up pronto on the awards wall above the copy machine!

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