Geared up, triple packed and ready to ride!

Meet Dad Mountain Biker!

Favorite Trail at Duthie Hill Park: Bootcamp
Favorite Pre-ride Music: Macklemore
Frequently Overused Phrase: “That’s hip!”
Favorite Critical, but Non-essential Gear: Lip balm

The multiple bikes and gear are packed inside, outside and on top of the car, double checked and the thrill is written all over Dad Mountain Biker’s face as he walks out the door giving himself a fist pump; he’s ready to descend upon King County Parks’ Duthie Hill Park for his very own play-date with his favorite Bootcamp trail. A sense of adventure is all he needs to saddle up and ride this popular park that has something for just about every level of skill. In fact, Dad Mountain Biker learned how to ride this kind of terrain by taking an REI Outdoor School Introduction to Mountain Biking Class within Duthie Hill Park itself and now he’s a weekend regular.  Whether he’s hitting the freeride trails to blow off some steam after work, meeting up with some buddies for a Sunday afternoon cross country ride or bringing the whole family along for a great time; he’s just glad to be outside enjoying fresh air and a bit of dirt in his face.


We are thrilled to be partnering with the Seattle REI flagship store this month to bring to you a rotating series of in-store displays and profiles highlighting the many great recreation opportunities throughout King County Parks, including mountain biking trails and REI’s popular Outdoor School classes.

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