Kid Pump Track in the pursuit of happiness and a little dirt

She prides herself on how long she can run the course of the pump track at King County’s Duthie Hill Park as she progressively gets better and better with practice. These days, the young ones – both girls and boys – are turning up for spins through the dirt like never before. Kids want to be outside and Duthie has proven to be a favorite among families of riders that are just learning how to ride a mountain bike or tuning up their advanced skills on the expert runs. Kid Pump Track also loves that she can peel off from her Dad Mountain Biker as she gains her confidence and still spend time together hanging out afterwards for a sack lunch in the central clearing. Dad really likes that, too.


We are thrilled to be partnering with the Seattle REI flagship store this month to bring to you a rotating series of in-store displays and profiles highlighting the many great recreation opportunities throughout King County Parks, including mountain biking trails and REI’s popular Outdoor School classes.

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