2 thoughts on “Native tree planting at Soaring Eagle Park

  1. Just a small FYI and recommendation: For someone who has no idea where many of the KC parks are located—after all—there are more than 200 of them. There is no indication of even what city Soaring Eagle Park is located in or near without getting out of the blog and into internet and doing a search. It would be easier for someone to say—hey I can do that—if you knew without much effort that it was close or convenient without having to click on the pictures, then the plog, then on the drop down for parks, then in the smart words, to end up in the same place that doesn’t provide any useful information, but has nice pictures and a request for help. Then, if you’re still interested, go to internet to search the location. By then—80% of the people who might have been interested will just say forget it. Just a thought. ☺

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