26,000+ acres & flooding is just another day

We know no one wants to be out in our parks when the weather is ugly, but we still have to keep them “clean, safe and open(ish)” during this season. A half-foot of rain or more fell in the foothills of eastern King County Jan. 5th, and that meant major flooding on the Snoqualmie and Tolt rivers. Tolt-MacDonald Park not only shares the name, but space with that river. Most of the time they get along, but a few times each year the river doesn’t respect the park’s personal space. The gallery above shows a little of what that relationship looks like. This is after a fair amount of the floodwaters had receded. * If you look closely at the maintenance shop interior you can see the markings of this flood and years past

Our crews will spend the next several days checking for (and repairing) damage to the roads, trails, buildings and other amenities that make this park one of your favorites. In the meantime here is a shot to remind you of sunnier days, when the river isn’t such a space hog.


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