Parkschooling homeschoolers

The Homeschool Stewardship Squad (not to be confused with 1999’s Mod Squad with Giovanni Ribisi killing it) has been paying regular visits to King County’s natural areas and schoolin’ kids on stewardship.  Yeah, kids getting dirty (not to be confused with dirty south) and giving back to their, yours, our public lands. I’d call it the School of Hard Knocks, but that doesn’t test well with this demo, so the working title of this experience is Sunshine Rainbow Hour with your hosts Sparkle Unicorn and Douglas Skwerrel (he’s legit, has a scull named after him, can’t speak for the unicorn).

What is this experience like for the Squad? Well, let Heidi Rose Watters tell you a little something about it. Heidi has been documenting their stewardship efforts on her site. We’re particular to their recent trip to O’ Grady. Heidi does a great job describing the trips and packages it with some killer photography.

Thanks to the Squad for their efforts and Heidi for sharing the experience. Big ups.

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