Behind the Scenes at Cougar-Squak

Since it isn’t officially open until this June we thought we’d give you a look behind the curtain at the work going in to “The Corridor”. The work and the majesty, this place is gorgeous.

Lot of prep goes in to opening a property like this to the public, and as always, our BFF’s WTA (Washington Trails Association) are helping to share that burden…err blessing. As you can see above, they ain’t joking when it comes to engineering trails. Bucket brigade much WTA? [For those not in the know that’s the term for loading buckets full of rock and schlepping it from one part of a trail to another to reinforce sections or keep them dry. Your forearms will never be the same.]

If the gallery doesn’t get you through until June you can always pop over to Cougar’s Wilderness Peak trail and stare longingly over at the corridor.

2 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes at Cougar-Squak

  1. is the lone, solitary figure in the photo from Cougar-Squak the parksmonkey hisself?

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