Marymoor Park Concerts: Presale – Empire of the Sun

Empire of the Sun - Marymoor Park Concerts

We’re not going to claim we know what you are in to, but we are sure that this qualifies as summer music. This, plus Marymoor as your venue, might have you ending your night with the outfit above, a bag of gummy bears, existential conversation, missing keys, a talking turtle and an unquenchable thirst that only the Hadron Collider can quench. Best night of your life.

Presale tix are right here people. Password is “kingcounty” No lines, but they are only available today – 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Rest of the world gets their hands on them tomorrow. Be cool, stay in school, but get these tickets.

Tell us another park system that is getting you presale tickets. Admit it, we’re like that cool band teacher with the white wash jeans and the Camaro.

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