The kids are alright

A couple classes from Carnation Elementary walked down to join the Snoqualmie Tribe, who just happened to be hosting a planting event today along the Tolt river. We were privileged to provide support, and weren’t alone. Turns out Mountains to Sound Greenway and King County’s Stewardship Partners are also big on that whole restoration/education thing. We also like kids, because they do funny things and can never pronounce spaghetti.

We started with a traditional prayer and then everyone got dirty from there. Staff let the kids know how their agencies play a role in the restoration and why we’re are all working together on a project such as this. They learned about native plants and how they help our ecosystem and enjoyed a guided tour along the Tolt to better understand its importance and how their plantings will help keep the river and its habitat healthy.

Still can’t say spaghetti right though. One day at a time.

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