What’s Up Dock? Dockton Marine Park Gets A Survey

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A few weeks back, we launched a survey to get information about how folks use the dock and fishing pier on Vashon-Maury Island. Soon we’ll be sharing what we learned. Join us at a community meeting and find out!

Where: McMurray Middle School

When: Monday June 22nd & Tuesday June 23rd from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

If you are interested in learning more about project developments, subscribe with your email address to the project email list. If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Aunan at jennifer.aunan@kingcounty.gov.

First we asked you: What’s up Dock? …and then we asked about 35 more questions. (Didja miss them? Here they are.)

Now it’s our turn. Here are answers to the frequently asked:

Dockton FAQs: What’s up with the docks?

To best serve the public, King County Parks and the Vashon Park District are gathering information about how people use the moorage/swim dock at Dockton Park and the fishing pier at Tramp Harbor. Please take a brief survey at http://vashonmaurydocks.questionpro.com/ to share your ideas and thoughts about these two properties.

What’s wrong with the docks? Do they have to be removed?

We don’t yet know if the docks need to be removed, so currently there is no plan to remove them. Inspectors have found rotted pilings, corroded hardware, and loose boards. There is no doubt there are components of the docks that need replacing and some maintenance must be done. Any additional work will need to be in alignment with how the community uses the facilities and in accordance with state environmental regulations.

What’s the relationship between Vashon Park District and King County?

King County Parks and Vashon Park District are separate entities facing similar challenges with aging facilities needing major maintenance and repair.

Vashon Park District was created in 1983 by the people of Vashon and Maury Island to provide park and recreational opportunities. The District is funded through a property tax levy approved every four years by Islanders’ vote. The mission and goal of the Park District is overseen by a board of five locally elected commissioners, who serve four-year terms to guide the community agency.

In 1996, King County gave the Park District properties on Vashon and Maury Island that had been county parks. Today, Vashon Park District supports 18 Island parks and programming that serves the entire community.

King County Parks has evolved from 150 acres in 1938 to more than 28,000 acres today, with a mission to serve communities and enhance regional quality of life through partnerships, entrepreneurial initiatives, and sound stewardship of parks, trails and public open space. King County Parks’ business plan cultivates strong relationships with non-profit, corporate and community partner to enhance park amenities for King County residents while leveraging taxpayers’ dollars.

Today, the King County Parks regional system consists of more than 200 parks175 miles of regional trails, and 215 miles of backcountry trails.

Which agency is responsible for maintaining which facility?

King County Parks owns and maintains Dockton Park. Vashon Park District owns and maintains Tramp Harbor Dock.

Both facilities are partially located on land owned by Washington State Department of Natural Resources under a lease agreement with King County Parks.

Who would pay for repairs to these facilities?

Funding for these projects will come from different sources, including grant funding from Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office.

Work done at Dockton Park will be funded by King County Parks, while work done at Tramp Harbor will be funded by Vashon Park District.

Why is King County asking for income information on the survey?

King County is committed to serving all citizens in King County. Asking income-related questions helps us understand which socio-economic brackets are receiving our communications efforts. By answering the income-related questions you will help us improve future communications efforts to make sure we hear from as many citizens as possible.


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