Field Notes: Skill, Craftsmanship, Grit, Sweat…Oh Whatever! Hand Me The GoPro And A Saw

In case we didn’t mention this before, we have a lot of acreage to take care of – like 28,000-plus acres. Every day of the week, y’know those seven, our crews are out there — supporting facilities, fields, trails, off-leash areas and one-another. This-here video is a little slice of daily life for our Small Capital Crew (they build stuff), Grounds Crew (they ground stuff), Painters (don’t ask) and the Sawmill Crew (they wear suspenders).

They are milling a tree that had fallen on County property. Don’t worry, this tree is going to a better place specifically one of your parks, to finish out its woody years as a backcountry trails kiosk. This one lives up at the top of Cougar Mountain. See, look how happy it is! If we were selling this product, the image on the side of our van would be a big-eyed, tongue-wagging kiosk with cool ‘80s shades, giving the thumbs-up that its second life served more purpose.

Anyway. One of our staff members [one Jason Anglin] put together this amazing video. Yes, it has GoPro footage – so you know it’s got to be extreme. Not Felix Baumgartner-extreme, but pretty close.

Enjoy! And the next time you are out in one of our parks, ask if you can do a ride along with the Sawmill Crew. Those dudes don’t mess around. Oh, and give that kiosk at Cougar Mountain a high five and a whisper that you know what it did in its past life.

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