Seattle Symphony Performs John Williams Movie Music. Marymoor’s Gonna Need A Bigger Boat

Movie Music John Williams

Name another artist you can guarantee everyone you know has heard. Or a beloved film franchise that wasn’t made that much more awesome-er by the talent of this man. That’s what we thought. So why not come listen to his work being performed by the Seattle Symphony in the best outdoor venue west of the mountains? “Throw me the idol, I’ll throw you the whip.” The whip in this case being some discounted tickets. Yeah, you too can have it all, for a discounted price just follow this link.

If you’ve never heard a performance by the Symphony, but can quote every line from Jaws, now is the time to get your classic soundtrack fix and get cultured. You don’t even have to wear a tux, crikey, you can wear shorts if you want and get a beer.

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