Goonies Never Say Die

The Goonies

We’re kicking off the Movies at Marymoor tonight with The Goonies. One of the few films that transcends helicopter-parenting, and truckloads of hand sanitizer. This flick is 30 years old! What better way to celebrate than by grabbing your map, setting some “booty traps” and watching it outside with your fellow Goonies?

Tonight Marymoor is the Goondocks. So how about a Goonies themed scavenger hunt? That’s right kids! We want to try a fun new scavenger hunt app and we want you to come play. There will be plenty of pre-show entertainment, so this is really for those folks that would like to explore the park and get their Goonies vibe on before the movie starts.

We only have room for ten teams. Each team will need a team captain that will be in charge of the app. How big those teams are doesn’t matter, although you will have to share the booty. Speaking of, the winner will receive a pile of Parks treasure, and our swag is the swag-est.

If you are interested in pulling together a team, send us a mail at and we will send you an invitation. Let’s prove that even if Chester Copperpot couldn’t find Willie’s treasure, we can.

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