Teach Me How to Douggie (Squirrel Style)

Douggie 1 Douggie 3

On a recent excursion out to Grand Ridge Park in the Issaquah Highlands we ran into our friend: Douggie the Douglas Squirrel! He was kind enough to pose for a photo shoot and show us his favorite dance moves. After a brief conversation (which mostly consisted of high pitched squeaks), he was on his way but not before he had a chance to tell us some fun facts:

  • They are international! Douglas Squirrels can be found in South West British Columbia and Canada all the way down to Northern California.
  • Their body is around the same size as their tail (5-7 inches).
  • They hide nuts and seeds in random places throughout the forest to eat later.
  • A group of Douglass Squirrels is called a “dray” or “scurry”.
  • The Douglass Squirrel is also known as the Pine Squirrel and the Chickaree.
  • Douggie the Douglas Squirrel is one of King County Park’s mascots along with Marta the River Otter.

Thanks Douggie! See you on the dance floor.

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