Have Some Selfie Respect

Selfiecide. No way to go. By now you have no doubt been told by the internets that selfies can kill. Internet states that selfies have “caused more deaths this year than shark attacks”. Because this information comes from multiple outlets and reputable news agencies, like Facebook, we can only assume it is true. One thing no one took into consideration during this research? Sharknadoes. Luckily we live in the upper northwest region of this country and sharknadoes are very rare.

This is a serious matter people, well it would be, if your narcissism wasn’t preventable. We get it. King County has some gorgeous landscapes. Why not compliment that mountain range with your face? Can’t quite get your new RayBans into the frame AND get the right perspective on the waterfall? Get closer to the edge of the cliff. NO. No, people. Risking your life to shove your melon into the frame of an already gorgeous landscape is not okay. We love you. Gingerly hand the magic box with all your recipes, contacts and calendar over to the nice person standing within 15 feet and ask them to take the shot for you. Despite what you have heard about the “Seattle Freeze”, most strangers out in our park system are pretty friendly.

Knowing is half the battle.

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